Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Wedding Photo Fix

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How much fun is this shot of the groom and his groomsmen? And how cool are their orange socks?

Yes, this is Kevin Keith from last week, and I know I normally spread the love, but well, his name rocks, so do all his pics and so do these orange socks! You have to check out more at Kevin Keith Photography!!
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five {Wedding} Minutes with DrycleanIT

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1.    Tell us about you and your company?

Our company, DrycleanIT, was founded in 2003 and we have 6 stores across the South-East of Ireland. We provide services in Dry-cleaning, Laundry, Alterations & Repairs, and, our speciality, Exclusive Bridal Gown Cleaning. We provide this service nationwide, so no matter where you are in Ireland; we can pick up and deliver your wedding dress to be professionally cleaned by our experts. Brides can rest assured that their special dress will be in safe hands as our experienced professionals have cared for every type and style of bridal gown on the market. We can also clean any accessories you may have such as shoes, a veil, gloves, a clutch bag etc.

We treat all gowns as unique, and each dress is individually checked very carefully and cleaned according to its own style, design, material components and particular marks and stains.

We also have the privilege of becoming Irelands first and only drycleaners to achieve ISO 9001:2008 Certification

2.    What’s in the range? What can a bride choose from?

We offer a package to brides to have their wedding dress picked up, either at the wedding venue or at their home, cleaned, and boxed in one of our special preservation boxes, and then delivered back to the bride at a time of her convenience.

Brides can also choose to have their dress cleaned separately and they can also purchase our special preservation boxes, which prevent the dress from numerous threats such as oxidisation, yellowing, fading, dust, mildew, etc. Please note, we do not deliver wedding dresses if they are not boxed due to any damage that can be caused during delivery.

3.    Have you any new products or services coming online in 2012 that you would like to share with us?

We have recently launched our new online store, where you can purchase gift vouchers to have a wedding dress cleaned and boxed, which make excellent wedding/anniversary gifts, as the dress will be cleaned and preserved for decades to come. You can now also purchase our special preservation boxes online.

We are also running a competition on our Facebook page for one lucky bride until the 31st of March, so there’s still time to enter. All you have to do is ‘like’ our facebook page and enter your details in the entry form provided, so we can contact the lucky winner. Search ‘Bridal Gown Cleaning’. 

4.    Can you share some pictures of past weddings/products/services you’ve provided/done?

After extensive and careful cleaning, the dress is then boxed in one of our special preservation boxes. Each box includes Tags & ribbons, Shoe & accessories box, Acid-free certificate envelope, Acid-free archive tissue paper, and a collection of record sheets and charts. 

We also have some pictures of previous work done to a wedding dress






5.    How can brides get in touch with you?

Our Bridal Gown Manager, Karen, would be more than happy to hear from you regarding any queries you may have, alternatively you can fill out an enquiry form on our Facebook or website.

Tel: 059 9720228
Face book: Search ‘Bridal Gown Cleaning

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm in the US!!

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Today I am excited. Or at least I will be { this is past me, writing on behalf of future me :) } Since Sunday I have been in the US; Richmond, Virginia to be precise. I am over speaking at Illuminate, The Workshop and while here, excitedly I have been invited into Classic Party Rentals to be their 'Wedding Designer of the Month' ! - big honour!!

Right now, or around about, I am in the midst of, multiple linens, chivari chairs, about a gazillion butterflies and hell of a lot of silk flowers { currently taking up half my suitcase! } to put together my little show piece! After months of prep, I am really hoping that my idea translates { and travels } from page to set!! I am too excited to share it with you all... but you will have to wait until new week, when I am back with a million pics in tow!!

For now, here is a sneak peak, at some of the AMAZING silk flowers that I bought to take with me.

{Sorry the picture is so blurred :) }

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Wedding Ring Treat

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Yes Please! That is about all I can say on this { like I do with most of the rings I feature here :) }

Simply stunning and I will have one for each finger please so that I can create my own garden :)

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

{Am currently on Etsy ooggling over this and wondering how I can convince Mr. Wedding High to buy it :) } And you have to head over to Etsy too and see how this is actually a wedding ring set! And how they intertwine! { I want it even more now :) } 
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Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Deal with His Bachelor Party

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Your big day is on the horizon and more than likely you’re catching yourself looking down at the rock adorning your left ring finger as you get lost in daydreams of marrying your prince charming in the very same church where your grandparents were wed 60 years ago, the clean white dress you will wear as you dance the night away to Frank Sinatra, and the tiny little figurines that will top the 8-tier Italian crème cake that you and your brand new husband will feed one another as teary-eyed onlookers sigh and long for a love as perfect as yours…

Source: via Roger on Pinterest
As much as you’d like to think that your fiancé is drifting off into the same whimsical wedding wonderland as you, chances are that he’s thinking more along the lines of an obscene amount of alcohol, scantily-clad women, and epic stories of a night that he can’t remember—chances are he’s thinking about the words that will send a chill down any bride-to-be’s spine:  his bachelor party. 
So that your relationship doesn’t meet its demise due to his one last night of freedom before the two of you meet at the altar, be sure to check out the following tips for dealing with your fiancé’s bachelor party:

Communicate.  Every bride has heard horror stories of men letting loose, setting the town ablaze and leaving nothing but ashes in the wake of the debauchery on their final night out as a single dude—so of course you have your concerns.  But don’t keep these worries bottled up inside.  Instead, sit down with your fiancé to ask him what the plans are for the party and to determine limits that would allow you feel more at ease.  Talk about what you find acceptable and what you don’t, discuss your own definitions of “wild and crazy” and come to a mutual agreement on comfortable boundaries.  He is marrying you and he of course wants you to be happy—so honestly and openly communicate any troubles you may have while being mindful not to turn into a nagging bridezilla.

Give him your trust.  Without trust as the foundation of your relationship, don’t expect your marriage to be built on one that is sturdy.  If he has never done anything to betray you or mar the relationship by lying, cheating or any other kind of scandalous behaviour, then there is no reason not to trust your fiancé—so give the man a little credit when it comes to the bachelor party.  However, if he has done those things, then you might have more to worry about than just a night out with the guys…  

Let him have his party.  It’s likely that you are planning a bachelorette shindig of your own to celebrate your last bit of singleness before you tie the knot, right?—so you can’t expect to have your own party and not give him the chance to have one too—it’s only fair that the same rules that apply to him apply to you as well.  If you put your foot down and don’t allow your fiancé to have his bachelor party, you are going to come off as overbearing and controlling…and what guy is going to want to be married to a wife like that?  As much as you may be dreading it, do your best to understand that the bachelor party is a timeless ritual for men and something to which your fiancé is sure to be looking forward.  

Stay calm and carry on.  If on the night of the bachelor party you are at home, pacing back and forth, waiting for your phone to ring, crying into a tub of ice-cream as you watch horrifying scenes from The Hangover and torturing yourself with thoughts of your future husband blackout drunk with ladies in barely-there-ensembles putting their grime-y mitts on your rightful property—well, then you have got to pull it together, sister!  Doing this will only drive you crazy.  Instead of trying to imagine every play by play that him and his idiot friends are making, plan something for yourself that very same night—whether it’s your bachelorette party or a low-key wine night with your brigade of best gal pals, focusing your mind elsewhere will help you to relax and even have a little fun of your own!

Joe Morris is a guest post author who enjoys writing about weddings and the planning that goes into them.  In addition, Joe owns Best Internet Dating Sites where he provides advice to online singles about safe dating on the web.  
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Wedding Photo Fix

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Last weeks photo of the 'hanging bridal bouquet' went down so well I thought I would feature another 'non-traditional' wedding photo again this week, to inspire you all further on different images & ideas you can include in your wedding album.

I love this style of image, purely cause we rarely get a close up of the actual engagement ring or indeed the groom's wedding band! Nice memento and interesting detail for your wedding album, don't you think?

Check out Kevin Keith Photography { what a cool name??? } for more stunning wedding photos! 
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's Wedding Photo Fix

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I know normally I feature interesting, gorgeous and fun wedding pics {mostly} of the bride & groom and occasionally the wedding party and guests, its not deliberate, its just what I see and fall in love with the most.

But I want you to all remember and give some consideration to 'other' wedding photos too. { A good photographer will naturally capture these images for you, but just incase, or if you do see a super fun composition that would fit your wedding, be sure to 'pin it' or keep in mind to share with your photographer.

I love this particular one of this lovely bridal bouquet taken up against this embossed black wallpaper. Simple, effective and great on wedding detail! 

This gorgeous bouquet was created by JMFlora Design and the stunning pic was snapped by Jodi Miller Photography. 

Will you include detail shoots like this in your wedding album?
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Wedding Ring Treat

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For the week that is in it { St. Patrick's Day being this Saturday } I thought I would feature something a little more 'Irish' on Tuesday's Wedding Ring Treat than normal.

Today we've got a gorgeous Irish Claddagh Ring Set featuring { I think } what looks like a central pink stone or diamond? And it almost appears to be 'incased' by more pink stones.{Gorgeous!}  I particularly like the additional diamonds used on this ring, as often you see Claddagh Rings as plain silver or gold with perhaps just one central stone.

What do you think?

Do you know the history and tradition surrounding Claddagh rings? 

The Claddagh Ring is the traditional Irish wedding ring, it is a heart held by two hands with the heart topped by a crown. The hands represent faith, the crown symbolizes honor, and the heart signifies love.

A single woman {or indeed a man} who is not engaged wears the ring on her/his right hand with the heart facing outward toward the end of her finger. {Indicating her heart is free} Once engaged, she/he wears it on her right hand with the heart facing her own heart. {Indicating her heart is not available}. During the wedding ceremony, she moves it to her left hand with the heart facing her own heart to symbolize that she is married.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

New Wedding Trend: Wedding Magicians

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Have you chosen the entertainment for your big day? Traditionally, wedding couples may book a DJ or band to get the party started in the evening but what if you wanted to add some versatile entertainment to other parts of the day? Well, in the UK in the last ten years there has been in a rise in popularity of the wedding magician. Basically, this is a close up magician who performs at your wedding.

You may well have seen TV illusionists like David Blaine or Criss Angel on the TV astounding passers-by and celebrities. These impressive illusions get amazing reactions but have you ever wondered if its TV trickery? Can it be done live? Well, a close up wedding magician will perform the kind of sleight of hand trickery you will have seen from those guys but live at your wedding.
You can expect to see tricks with wine bottles, playing cards, cutlery from the table, borrowed rings, cell phones and other simple, borrowed objects from you and your guests.

A close up magician will carry his act on his so there is no need for extra staging, lights or sound. The close up magician will wander around your guests performing at one of three different times for your guests.

You could hire him to entertain during –

In an ideal world everybody is sipping champagne, laughing and remarking on the beauty of the ceremony. In reality though, a few guests will be left out as they don’t know each other as well. Well, a wedding magician can pop around to small groups and entertain them. The ice will be quickly broken and everybody will feel included in the special day even if they aren’t part of the photographs.

The Wedding Breakfast
A wedding magician can entertain with a small show at each table as he moves around the room. It’s a fun break in the day and it’s a nice highlight to the meal. If you have a large table centrepiece the table will be split in half and they may feel disconnected. A wandering entertainer will bring a fun party atmosphere to the table and they will feel they are experiencing something special together.

Evening Guests
Don’t forget about your evening guests! They may be late attendees but you need to get them having fun as quickly as possible. Once they have a drink in their hands and dropped of their prezzie (!) then a mix and mingle magician can make them feel welcome with some amazing close up magic.


Added Fun
In short, if you are looking to add an extra fun factor to your special day then you may wish to get on the latest trend of wedding magicians. It’s a simple thing to add and can bring about many memorable moments, laughter and will help to break the ice amongst your guests at your nuptials.

Noel Qualter is a top UK wedding magician who works as a magician Surrey to South Shields.
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