Friday, April 29, 2011

Watch the complete Royal Wedding here!!

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Because I don't think I'll ever have too much of this!!

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The Royal Wedding in just 3 minutes!

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For those of you who overslept, got trapped under a rock or who don't have very much time!

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What a sweet ride for the new Mr. & Mrs. Royal

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The Royal Wedding Cake

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Five, yes FIVE weeks in the making, eight tiers heigh which consist of 17 fruit cakes and 900 [or so] individually iced flowers and leaves [of which there are 17 varieties].

Although it seems a shame to cut, it will be cut, later today, by William and Kate at the afternoon reception being held at Buckingham Place.

The cake was designed and made by Fiona Carins who lives and works in Leicestershire. Kate was heavily involved in the designing of the cake insisting on 17 different blooms and foliage for their meaning or symbolism - known as the "language of flowers".

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The Royal Wedding; sealed with a kiss!

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It was the moment many of us were waiting for, [well after we caught that first glimpse of the wedding dress!] that iconic moment on the balcony when Prince William would kiss his bride for the first time [in front of the nation and the world]. First came a quick bashful peck... and moments later a proper linguring kiss befitting any Princess on her wedding day.

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Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

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For those of you living under a rock, or with cruel bosses who didn't let you have a sneaky peak here is a full frontal look at Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress designed by Sarah Burton of Alexandra McQueen.

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Kate Middleton the new Grace Kelly?

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So they are married! I shed a tear, wore a tiara and looked on in awe with the rest of the girlies here in the office! What did you think? I thought Kate looked stunning, although I was disappointed... the dress while gorgeous was nothing spectacular! And those flowers.... cute, simple... but definitely not regal. What I did love was the Bridesmaids dress - Pippa looked stunning - I think the colour and the style of this dress will set trends!

Most importantly did anyone else notice or think there was a huge similarity between Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly? See for yourself:

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How will Kate wear her hair?

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Kate Middleton has oodles of amazing hair! Clearly the girl knows a think or two about hair maintenance. We see her often with those beautiful flowing locks flowing, glossily, around her shoulders. Of late though, it has been noted that she has begun wearing it swept slightly back and to the side - rumour has it this may be in preparation for an updo style for the big day.

Personally, for her, I think an Updo is the way to go. There is a certain amount of bridal innocence that comes with wearing your hair down on your wedding day and I think for Kate, as this is just not only her wedding day, but a day that will go down in the history books, as well as the start of a new dynasty, she needs to be taken seriously - and for me, that means and Updo.

So how exactly should she wear it up? This will depend alot on the style of Tiara or headpiece and veil she has chosen. But I think it should be soft and demure, similar to these:

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My Predictions for Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

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One day to go and I am beside myself with excitement! Over the past few months, since the engagement was announced, I've tried to bring your updates as to who might design Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress... and honestly I can say I have no idea! The only thing I know for certain is that whatever Kate wears tomorrow morning will become one of the most iconic Wedding Dresses of the Century - so lets hope its gorgeous!

I've thought about this for a while, what she might wear... and I've come to a few conclusions.

1. I think she will be bold and brave [for a future Princess].
2. I think it will be both sexy and demure but modest.
3. I think we will see covered shoulders in the Abbey but that this shawl/ cap/ of sleeves will be removed later.
4. It will have a train, I'm hoping no where here as long as Diana's
5. She will wear a veil.

Kate will be the oldest, at 29, to marry a future King and I think this extra maturity will afford her a bigger part and more sway in what she might wear. Kate is an elegant woman that oozes a sedate sex appeal and I hope this is something we see coming out in her wedding dress.

So without further ado, I think Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress will be a combination of the following dresses.

Love the figure hugging silhouette of this dress and while I think the neck line is too bold for Kate I think the material and lenght of train would be perfect for a Princess of the 21st Century! For some reason I am also imagining buttons, silk buttons the whole way down the back of the dress, train included!

This is simple, elegant and sexy! And while I think its only half way to what we might see Kate in tomorrow its a good starting point!

I think this is something similar to the cut of a wedding dress we will see Kate in tomorrow. I don't necessarily imagine there will be alot of lace of layers to her dress though.

As I mentioned earlier I don't think we'll see bare shoulders in the Abbey. I do think though that Kate will want the option of 'showing them off' later. So perhaps she will wear something similar to this. Alternative to this I think we'll see Kate with a 3/4 lenght sleeved wedding dress [with the tiniest of puff sleeve], and it this is the case I think we'll see a deep V neck line.

Of course these are just my predictions and we wont really know until the morning! What do you think her wedding dress will be like?

Ps. Of course I'll try and predict some other Royal Wedding ideas throughout the day! Mail me at weddinghigh [at] gmail [dot] come if you have any predictions!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Jewels: which will Kate wear?

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I'm a magpie. Anything sparkly, shiny or shimmering I want it! So you can imagine why, when I think what jewels and most importantly tiara Kate will wear on friday I get giddy with excitement! Is anyone else with me?

So with that in mind I just had to google what might be in the Queen's jewelry box... and boy doesn't she have some bling-tastic goodies?!

Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Diamond Tiara 

The Girls of Gt. Britian and Ireland Tiara 

The Spencer Tiara

The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara 

The Boucheron Tiara 

King George III Fringe Tiara 

The Burmese Ruby Tiara 

For full details on all those gorgeous jewels check out The Royal Exhibitions
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Modern Day Royal Weddings

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So we've done Royal Weddings through the years... what about Modern Day Royal Weddings? Fear not, here is a quick refresh of those that have [of note, [so to speak]] in the last 40 years.

Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones
6 May 1960

The Duke of Kent and Katherine Worsley 
8 June 1961

Princess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy
24 April 1963

Princess Anne and Mark Philips 
14 November 1973

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer 
29 July 1981

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson 
23 July 1986

Princess Anne and Commander Tim Laurence
12 December 1992

Viscount Linley and Serena Stanhope 
8 October 1993

Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones
19 June 1999

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles 
9 April 2005

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Royal Weddings Through the Ages!

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With only 3 days to go until the biggest Royal Wedding of the century wedding professionals across the world are wondering what impact, if any, Prince Williams marriage to Catherine [Kate] Middleton will have on the wedding industry. Can a glimpse back through the ages give us an incite into how past Royal Weddings changes the [face of the] wedding industry? Lets us take a look:

Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
10 February 1840

King Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark
10 March 1863

King George V and Mary of Teck 
6 July 1893

King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
26 April 1923

Queen Elizabeth II and Philip of Greece and Denmark
20 November 1947

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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Actual Royal Wedding Timeline

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With just a week to go until the big Royal Wedding here is the actual timeline, edited and annotated for your reading pleasure:

0600 (London Time): Police enforce road closures throughout central London.

0800-0900: Announcement expected from Buckingham Palace on any titles that Queen Elizabeth will bestow on Prince William and Catherine Middleton. (Tricky stuff; if William declines a title, then his wife becomes the oddly named “Princess William of Wales.’’)

0900-0945: All “ordinary’’ guests arrive (via Great North Door of Westminster Abbey).

0950: VVIP guests start arriving — Governor Generals and foreign Prime Ministers via Great West Door. Members of the Diplomatic Corps via the GND.

1025: Large tranche of “junior royals’’ depart Buckingham Palace — in posh minibuses. These are cousins of Queen, the Kents, Gloucesters, Zara & Tindall, et. al. (Yes, “posh minibuses’’ is in the original. Zara Phillips is Prince Charles’s “high-spirited’’ [read: spoiled rotten] niece. Tindall is her rugby-playing fiancé.)

1030: Her Majesty’s Bodyguards of the Honourable Corps for Gentlemen at Arms and the Queen’s Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard process up through the Abbey. (Ah, the Python-ness of it all. . .)

1040: Senior royals arrive (York/Wessex /Princess Royal) — welcomed by Dean and Chapter, conducted to seats by Gentlemen Ushers. (“Chapter’’ refers to the Canons of the Abbey. Senior royals are real royals, e.g. Prince Andrew — “Randy Andy’’ — who is in a mess of financial trouble, as usual. He will not be accompanied by his ex-wife, former WeightWatchers spokeswoman Sarah Ferguson, who has her own public woes to contend with.)

1042: Prince Charles and Camilla arrive at GWD and wait at door until Queen and Duke arrive. (“Rottweiler’’ alert!)

1045: Queen and Duke arrive. (FANFARE)

1048: Pippa Middleton, bridesmaids, and page boys depart from Goring hotel in posh minibus. (That phrase again. Pippa is Kate’s sister, one of many bizarrely named Brit aristos heading for the Abbey. Guests include the P.G. Woodhouse-worthy Davina Duckworth-Chad and Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. William’s nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke, nicknamed after Beatrix Potter’s lovable hedgehog, Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, will surely attend. Her infant son is a royal page.)

1100: WEDDING CEREMONY (Order of service details to be released on the evening of April 27.)

1205: Service concludes with the signing of register, to take place privately in the Shrine of Edward the Confessor.

1215: Royal party form up outside Abbey as newlyweds get into first carriage.

(The Timeline offers a complicated hierarchy of carriages. William and Kate will journey to Buckingham Palace in the 1902 State Landau, with a mounted escort behind them. Then come the escort-less Prince Harry, Pippa M., bridesmaids, et. al. in two Ascot Landau carriages. Queen Elizabeth and her son Charles will follow in separate Semi-State Landaus. A dodgy -looking website explains that the Landaus are kept in the Royal Mews, which is “part of the Lord Chamberlain’s Office and is run by the Royal Equerry.’’)
Junior royals and all others — will board posh minibuses. (But of course.)

1230: Royal couple arrive through gates of Buckingham Palace. (Welsh Guards will provide Guard of Honour on forecourt of BP for their return.)

1325: Balcony moment (likely order: William & Kate, followed by Queen and Duke, followed by both families — but not aunts and uncles. Then they will collapse back inside in reverse order.)

(Comes now the tightly scheduled Royal Kiss: You’re trying to get to work on the Southeast Expressway; William is having a snog. In fatter years, the couple might sail off for a dreamy honeymoon on the royal yacht Britannia . Alas, Tony Blair’s Labor government decommissioned the pricey tub in 1997. Royal marriage just isn’t what it used to be.)

Alex Beam is a Globe columnist. His e-dress is
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gorgeous Easter Wedding Cake!

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 I stopped by English Wedding this morning and came across this yummy looking Easter wedding cake that I just had to share with you all. How cute are those like chicks?

Lime Leaf Weddings

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What shoes will Kate wear on the day? My Top 5 Suggestions [for today].

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OK, there is less than 2 weeks to go, so I'll be honest and tell you now that for [oh let me think] probably the next month, there will be ALOT of Royal Wedding posts! I apologize in advance to those of you who are doing an internal groan at this and high five those of you who are totally swooning at the possibilities!

We all know I'm obsessed with shoes... [hands up if you're with me?] so during my day dreaming this evening my thoughts turned to what type of shoes Kate will wear on her big day. No doubt designers are probably bending over backwards; designing the 'one off' 'Cathrerine', 'Kitty', 'Kate', or some such shoe, I took a far more lazy route tonight, [well I am just in from a 5km walk - that's long for me!], I typed in 'wedding shoes' to google and these [ at a quick glance] are what I think Kate should wear.

Quick reminder of what Diana wore on her wedding day:

Pretty, nice - befitting a Princess of the 'Eighties'. Not what I think a Princes of the 'Teenies' should wear. I think these could be potentials.

Now there will those of you who might think; there is a lot of bling in those there shoes Bláithín - will this not complete with all the bling Kate will be wearing in her tiara? My answer to this - can you ever have too much bling? Particularly on your wedding day? [Enough said I think].
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One for the Royal Wedding Watchers!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Is Kate Middleton worthy of a Wang?

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So the girl has bagged herself one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. She's also bagged herself the title, Princess - at least I think she has... formal announcement on titles yet to be made by the Queen, but is she worthy of a Wang?

Ok, first some honesty. I'm not a major Wang Groupie. In fact many of her dresses and collections I have plain hated. But the woman definitely has a sense of style and you gotta love someone who has somehow fostered a phrase: 'You don't alter a Vera Wang, you alter yourself to fit Vera Wang.' - Brides can be notoriously hard to gain respect from and somehow Vera has managed it - kudos for that!

So that aside is Kate Middleton worth of a Wang? Actually perhaps that should be is Vera Wang worthy enough for Kate? Either way its fun to speculate, if Kate was to choose a Wang, which Wang would she choose [say that 10 times fast!]? So the Vera Wang 2012 Collection has hit the interweb [I just love that word!] and if I had my say these are the top 3 dresses I would choose for Kate Middleton.

Which would you choose?

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