Monday, February 28, 2011

My Royal Wedding Watching Party

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Just sent my invites...

So I appreciate that its a work day for us Irish and that not all my friends are as obsessed about weddings, specifically a Royal Wedding, as I am - but sure hey, I live in hope that one or two will actually want to come and have some fun with me, on what, no doubt will be the Wedding talk of the Century!

I even plan to add a little 'International' flare to my Royal Wedding Watching Party by hooking up via Skype with some gorgeous wedding friends in Richmond! And of course with the rest of the world via twitter too!

Anyone else planning a little shin dig? Love to hear what you are doing!

Menus, games, props and decoration ideas to follow... :)
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Etsy find: Amazing Photobooth Props

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Two things I can't get enough of right now, Etsy and Photobooths!

So you can imagine how tickled I was to come across these gorgeous Photobooth Props on Etsy earlier today... If you've been stopping by our new DIY Projects Page here on Wedding High you'll see that I've recently featured a great DIY Photobooth project - wouldn't these be the perfect addition?



 How cool are they? To order immediately - cause I know you all want to, head to Little Retreats Etsy Shop!

Images: Little Retreats via April Foster Events

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The Alternative Wedding Event

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Most people spend their Sunday afternoons over family lunches or brunch with friends or browsing the Sunday papers over coffee and croissants, me? Well I spend most of my Sunday's at Wedding Fairs! Ok, not every Sunday, I do spend some doing the other things too, but during 'Fair Season' [as I call it], its mostly Wedding Fairs.

Today's was a little different.... well it was the Alternative Wedding Event - organised by the wonderful ladies at One of a Kind Weddings and also it was a bit of a Wedding TweetUp - with some wonderful Wedding Bloggers and Suppliers from Twitter.

So what were we treated to at the Alternative Wedding Event? It was a boutique event, beautifully presented in the stunning location that is the Guinness Storehouse, with a select few wedding vendors, each offering slightly alternative goods and services to those looking for something a little different for their wedding.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

For me the highlight [apart from meeting some of my twitter peeps] was the fashion show. Despite actually walking 'into' the fashion show on my arrival - the catwalk was the room, I loved the alternative dress and style! See for yourself;

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

And finally some pics of our little wedding tweet up at the Alternative Wedding Event:

The Wedding TweetUp at the Alternative Wedding Event

The fabulous Aisling Nelson of Rangoli and Marie Bradley of Finer Details and Annie from Aislinn Events

Little pic of me!

Me chatting with the fabulous Authors of  Tink's Bridal Blog and Bride and Joy

These amazing photos were kindly taken and shared by the amazing Lisa O' Dwyer of Lisa O' Dwyer Photography
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Presenting: A button for my blog

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I've always wanted one of these for my blog and after this weekends 'mini blog makeover' I decided it was the prefect time to investigate making one.

So here it is? What do you all think? [Please be kind, its taken non-techy me hours to do!]

I've now got to figure out how to produce the html code so that you can all 'take a button' and display if on your blogs and websites [of course, only if you want to!]

Several minutes later... 

I figured it out! Me! I'm so ecstatic! If you would like to use my little blog button on your site... you can find the html code on the right hand side bar a further down!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blue Wedding Dress anyone?

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One word: 




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Friday, February 25, 2011

A little bit of 'Jane Austen' inspiration for your wedding

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Jane Austen is one of my favourite writers. Pride & Prejudice is perhaps amongst my top rated novels of all times. And when it comes to inspiration for your wedding is there anything more grand, decadent and delicate?

Before I share the little Inspiration Board I've put together this morning a few words of guidance on wedding inspirations. 

'Inspired Wedding' does not mean replica wedding. Inspiration implies touches or ideas; obviously the stronger and more widely you use your inspiration the more telling it will be, but having an inspirational theme or idea to your wedding does not mean you need to become a leading expert in your chosen idea.

And now for some inspiring wedding ideas 'a la Jane Austen'. 

Images from [top line] Duck Egg Blue Dress, Collection of shoes, Wedding Dress, Lilly Garland, Name Cards [Middle Line] Floral Cake, Buttonhole, Blue Cake, Drinks Reception, Handbag, Invite, Garland over door, [Bottom Line] Dessert Table, Ceremony Location, Reception Location      

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Were you as disappointed by the Royal Wedding invite as I was?

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I've long said that no matter what Kate and Wills do for their wedding will set the trend for years to come. I've often also said that for me a wedding invite is [perhaps] the most important aspect of a wedding; it sets the tone of what is the come. When I caught my first glimpse of the Royal Wedding invite this morning I must say I was disappointed, very disappointed. [And I hope the only trend this invite is setting is -what not do have as a wedding invite!]

For the couple who have the world's leading Wedding Suppliers and Vendors at their feet and the rest of the world watching their every [wedding] move, this was chosen! I ask you - what were they thinking!

In my [humble] opinion its boring, lack lustre and I really hope it is not a taste of what is to come. Wills and Kate are supposed to be the monarchy of the 21st century and at their first chance [hurdle] to shine, be different and reassure, that yes, they can take us forward, they fail, abysmally. OK, yes, I know, its only an invite... but I think you all get where I going with this.

Lets say a little pray that the rest of the wedding is something to speak of.... and the right kind of something too!
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Individual Bridesmaid Dresses

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Right now I am loving individual bridesmaid dresses in complimentary hues, tones, colours, shapes and sizes!




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Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Wedding Mistakes YOU do not want to make.

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Image from Big Wedding Tiny Budget
1. Misunderstanding what a wedding budget is and how it works.

Having a budget for your wedding does not mean that you are having [what has been become known as] a 'Budget Wedding' [i.e. wedding on the cheap]. A wedding budget is the specific amount of money you have, will save or have set aside to spend on your wedding. Before finalising what you budget will be, it is very important to establish what are your priorities for your wedding and also to have a rough idea what various wedding suppliers in your chosen area charge. Just because you have allocated €500 for a wedding dress doesn't mean one exists. Know your wedding market.

2. Booking 'Weekend Warrior' Wedding Suppliers

The Wedding Industry is an industry that generates billions worldwide each year. Many weddings take place over the weekend and over the years 'Wedding Weekend Warriors', who have full time paid jobs as Accountants, Shop Assistants, Engineers etc brush up on their hobby skills and book themselves out as professional Photographers, Videographers, Planners, Chauffeurs [and much more]. Many of these 'Wedding Weekend Warriors' [on the face of it] seem like excellent value, often charging up to half the price as their professional counterparts - an attractive proposition to any cash conscience bride. But what few brides realise that these [mostly] unqualified 'wedding suppliers' lack the proper resources, experience, connections, insurance and equipment to provide the service they have advertised and brides only discover this when its too late: after their wedding!

3. Taking forum advice as gospel!

Image from Zankyou
Wedding discussion forums are a terrific resource. Brides and grooms share great insights, ideas, advice, feedback and recommendations at will. Forums greatest advantages and disadvantages is their anonymity.

Competing wedding suppliers and vendors often register as brides and grooms and belittle and in some cases write slanderous views and posts about competitors. If you ask for advice or recommendations or read something that appears to a 'fact' - do not take it as gospel. Do your own research too.

4. Your wedding is not your life.

A wedding is but one day of your life. Yes, you've possibly dreamt of it all your life, but don't loose sight of the fact that your life will continue afterwards, as will all your friendships and relationships [hopefully]. Don't strain friendships because your bridesmaids aren't as excited about your day as you are, or that they aren't willing to drop everything to run over and see if the latest shade of nail vanish you have bought will bring out the colour of our eyes at the Rehearsal Dinner. Be considerate, remember why you are getting married and don't sweat if those who you were sure would attend can't you have the rest of your life to spend with them.

Be a gracious bride, not a grumbling bride.

Image from Perfect Wedding Dress
5. Starting wedding dress shopping too late. 

A designer wedding dress can take between 6 - 8 months to order through a designer or bridal shop. The average bride will visit between 3-5 wedding dress before she orders a wedding dress and will have some 1-4 additional fitting and alternation appointments, collecting her finished wedding dress 3-6 weeks before her wedding.

With this in mind, realistically you want to starting wedding dress shopping some 9-12 months before your big day. Of course there are 'off the peg' dresses, and seamstresses who can make the dresses in a shorter space of time but these are all things to bear in mind when you start to look for that all important dress!

6. Do not keep your guests waiting for you at the ceremony. 

It is often said that a Queen is never late, that everyone else is merely early. It is also said that it is a brides prerogative to be late. When you are the ruler of your own country you can [pretty much] 'get away with murder', it is not the same when you are a bride, - remember this. 10 minutes is the ideal length to keep your guests waiting, anything beyond 15 minutes is plain rude.

7. Having a facial the day before the wedding. 

If you plan on have a facial or treating yourself to some nice beauty treatments in advance of your wedding day, do so a minimum of a week to 5 days out from the wedding. The last thing you will want to wake up to on your wedding day is a break out that would give any pizza a run for its money, which is what could have if your have a facial too close to your wedding day.

Image from Humor Post
8. Going on a crash diet the month before your wedding. 

Of course we all want to look our best on our wedding days, and for some of shedding those last few pounds will give is that extra confidence and boost we need.... remember though, wedding dresses are not as easily [or cheaply] altered as a normal dress and if you drop a dress size before your big day, you could have some serious wardrobe malfunctions the day of your wedding if your wedding dress does not fit the way its suppose to.

9. Not telling the Grooms-men what colour shoes and socks to wear.

Men are great. I love men, but lets face it, sometimes they can get it wrong. White socks and brown shoes with the grey pinstripe trousers might look great in their eyes. And they probably wont see your eyes bulge and widen when they reply to your 'What the hell were you thinking' - 'Sure it'll do' [a common response I got]. Take the time to tell them what will be supplied for them and what [exactly] they will need to bring. One way of getting beyond all this is to buy black underwear and socks for them all, even the novelty grooms-men/ best-men range and look at hiring shoes through your Tux hire if you are particularly concerned.

Image from Brooks Video
10. Not hiring a Videographer. 

Your wedding day is but 24 little hours. You wont get to see it all. I'm sorry, you just wont. You'll be off having your photo taken, being nabbed by Auntie Doris in the hotel lobby, wrestling in the loo with your layers of taffeta and taking a moment with your new husband in the bridal suite and everything else will be going on all around - all part of your wedding day. Have a videographer - see the extra things that are happening on your big day, here those messages your loved ones will leave you, capture the silly dance your granddad thought no-one else saw - you'll be sorry, after - when its too late - trust me.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7 Steps to the perfect Champagne Tower

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There was a time when I used to think that Champagne Towers were insanely tacky and only used by those who [I thought] were 'trying' to hard. Now? Now... I kinda love them again. [Yes, I know, shock horror, I'm prone to changing my mind ... I am a woman guys!]

I'm often asked by clients if their venue can do one for them, or if they are hired in... or how it works. Basically, many clients in the past wanted them. For awhile I tended to steer them clear, [not for personal reasons], mostly for practical reasons; champagne fountains are easier to set up, easier to use and [in some cases] more cost effective. And of course champagne fountains had a novelty factor - for a while.... [for me], that is now gone and like with most things, [for me] Champagne Towers are back in vogue.

So how exactly does one make a Champagne Tower? Easy! Ok... not easy peasy... but in principle it sounds simple... the execution however is a little more [time consuming, frustrating, potentially damaging] 'involved'.

Step 1

You need a good firm solid base. I recommend a separate table with a spillage tray to catch overflow.

Step 2

Only use coup champagne glasses. [You know them, the retro rounded ones, - look like you should serve ice-cream in them] Your glasses should all be identical as well.

Step 3

Start by making a square using the glasses. Essentially the tower is just successively smaller squares on top of each other. So if your bottom square is 10 glasses by 10, your next will be 9 by 9 and so on until you have just 1 on top.

Step 4

In making a champagne tower, placement is key. You'll notice from your bottom '10 glass by 10 glass' square that as each glass is touching a small diamond shape is formed. Its over this 'diamond shape' that you want to place the stem of your next glass.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 until you have but 1 glass on top.

Step 6

Very slowly pour Champagne into the top glass and watch it 'flow' downwards. Larger champagne bottles or magnums are best for this.

Step 7 

If  the Champagne Tower is for decorative purpose only 'fill' with champagne in advance. If the Champagne Tower is part of or is your drinks reception have a waiter there to hand out the glasses - the last thing you want is Aunt Flow or Uncle Bob knocking over the whole Tower as they take their glass!

Image from Pink Peony

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Am in bakerella heaven!

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I've just stopped by to put on a virtual stone or three and have fallen in love with these 'Conversation Heart Cupcakes'. - Are they not the cutest little things you've seen today?

After falling in love with this little cuties I scrolled down a little more and died and went to heaven... red velvet heaven...

Is there anything nicer than red velvet cake? Eh... NO! And when you team that with chocolate can it get better? Yes, yes it can, it can when its made into a little bite sized ball [ so the calories don't count... its too small! ;) ]

For more totally delicious and amazing treats for Valentine's day... [and any day] check out Bakerella!!
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Bingo Balls in your wedding bouquet?

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Don't ask me how I came across this because I have no idea... despite it being a totally naff idea it looks Amazing!!

Images from Wedding Concierge
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Vera Wang for Kate Middleton?

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I haven't done a Kate post in a while! [Ok, ok I haven't posted in a while, major sorry!] But I think it is safe to do a another potential Kate Middleton wedding dress speculation...

According to Bruce Oldfield, the designer who will dress many of Kate and Wills guests and who is also tipped to be the current designer of choice for Kate's dress, the future Queen might actually wear 2 dresses on her wedding day!

On Good Morning America Oldfied suggested that the soon to be HRH will wear a conservative dress for the ceremony and change into something else for the evening reception hosted by Prince Charles. The sought after designer also predicts that Kate will most likely were a modest dress with sleeves; "It will have sleeves," he said. "It has to have sleeves. You can't walk down Westminster Abbey in a strapless dress."

Well whether Kate wears sleeves or not this Wedding Planner thinks Kate Middleton would look fabulous in both these Vera Wang dresses! What do you think?

Images from
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