Monday, January 24, 2011

Fresh SeaShell Bridal Bouquet

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I've featured button bouquets, I've featured brooch bouquets, I've even featured door knob bouquets but when I came across this bridal bouquet even I was blown away!

A total Esty find and possible a little expensive at $275, but then again for an international, [ Shells imported from the Philippines. Silk ribbons were hand-dyed in the USA. Beading from China. Swarovski crystals from Europe.] totally unique, potential family heirloom, maybe its worth it?

Image from Esty
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea Cup Wedding Cake!

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I know I've spoken of my love of tea cups, specifically China tea cups on this blog before - you all know, or at least those of you who read regularly that I am a big advocate of only drinking tea from a China tea cup... see my own [amongst the office mess] below.

So you can all imagine my utter excitement and delight when I happened upon these latest treasures this evening!

If only I had thought of having a Tea Cup Wedding Cake for my own wedding day! My poor mother might have had an even bigger challenge then trying to create my dream castle wedding cake!

There is always my 10 Year Vowel Renewal?


Images: Kitchen of Carla & Elaine
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your wedding night, as a cake!

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I just love this cake... quirky, fun and totally original!

Check our Cannaboe Confectionery for more fab cakes!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

A 50's look wedding dress for Kate Middleton?

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I've contemplated on many wedding dress options for the future Queen Katherine and when I stumbled upon this cute ensemble I thought to myself, even if Kate herself did favour such a style would she actually wear it? Even though Kate is known for her fashion coups I don't think, even she, will use her wedding day to display such a daring choice for her wedding dress... I also think the this A line 50's skirt and abundance of lace are perhaps not the most flattering of outfits for her... its cute all the same!

Images from Wedding Dresses
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Bridal Hair; Flowering it up!

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Thinking of putting a flower in your hair for your wedding day? Here are some ideas on ways to wear your hair and where to put your flowers!

Images: Esty, Wedding Flowers, Fashion Fame, Squidoo
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Would you wear a Wedding Dress made from toilet paper?

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I would if it looked like this!

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A door knob bridal bouquet!

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Continuing on with our January alternative bridal bouquets....

Even I'm amazed at the alternative bridal bouquet options that there are out there! And how stunning they look... this door knob bridal bouquet has totally blown me away!

What do you think?

Image from Plan It Now Events
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January's healthy kick; The Fruit & Veg Dessert Table

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If you're like me you put on weight over the holidays! I'm being good... [I am!] and with this in mind I've been looking into ways that [like minded] brides can do the same, for them and their guests.

The idea of celery and carrot sticks are not appealing, we know we probably should... but really could anything be less interesting to eat? This is what I thought... that was until I found this...


Now all I want is fruit and veg!


Images from Austin Wedding
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Which Disney Bridal Gown would you choose for Kate Middleton?

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Every girl dreams of finding her Prince Charming, of her fairy tale wedding day and a happily ever after. For one girl, the lucky Kate Middleton, she gets a bona fide Prince and I expect that their wedding day will be straight out of a fairy tale, and the happily ever after? Well lets keep our fingers and toes crossed for them.

So with the Prince bagged, the fairy tale day pretty much a definite is it any wonder that this Wedding Planner is thinking that perhaps Disney should be dressing 'soon to be' Queen Kate, or should I say Catherine [will that ever stick?]?

So I've critiqued the available choices and while my favourite Disney story is Beauty and the Beast, if I was to choose a Disney Bridal Gown for Kate I would definitely choose the 'Cinderella'.

Which one would you choose? For all the available styles check out Disney Bridal
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Cake Pop Bouquet

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Yes my January posts definitely have a trend! So far, they've all be about alternative bridal bouquets and when I found this I had to share! I think its so pretty! Not that such a bouquet would last long in my possession... or I expect in many bride's possession but its too cute not to feature!

An ideal gift or maybe [cheeky] bouquet for flower girls?

If you love it, and fancy a bash at your own you can find step by step directions here

Image from Bubble and Sweet
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A Christmas Poem [to finish off the festive season]

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'Twas the bride' 

'Twas the night before New Years 
And all through the house, 
The girlfriend was angry
She wasn't a spouse! 

She hoped for the joy
That Christmas would bring. 
But Christmas had passed, 
And she still had no ring! 

They'd been together 
For over two years. 
Long-term commitment-
That must be his fear. 

She thought, "That's the reason
That I'm still single. 
I'm breaking it off!"
Then the phone gave a jingle. 

"Come outside," said the voice,
And then went away. 
She opened the door, 
And there was a sleigh! 

He whisked her away
Grinned like a fox
Got down on one knee 
And opened the box. 

'Twas the first day of New Year
Her eyes opened wide.
"Yesterday, I'm a girlfriend. 
Today, I'm a bride!" 

She started to panic
"There's so much to do! 
To plan a whole wedding. 
What do I do?"

"How do I afford
Everything that I need
To end up with the wedding 
of which I have dreamed?"

Then she remembered seeing
That B Magazine page, 
All about WOLfest 
Before she was engaged!

Reception Venue, Caterer! 
Florist and tux! 
I'll save money, I'll save time 
And have no acid reflux! 

Video! DJ! Photo!
Limousine & Gown
I wont have to be running
All over town! 

Logging on to she booked tickets on the spot
and even got free parking too!
She began counting down the days until March 5th & 6th
excited about the live bands, talks, demos and DIY section too!

And I heard her exclaim
As she walked down the aisle 
" Going to WOLfest at Punchestown
is definitely worthwhile!"

Ps A shameless plug for the event I'm organising I know... but its going to be great! 

PPs I can't take full credit for the adaptation of this poem, while I have reworked it a little it came to me through an email forward.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bridal Bouquet that lasts forever!

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And that's non-allergenic!

This one is for Deirdre in Clane who is desperate for a floral wedding bouquet but allergic to pollen. 

If pollen isn't your friend, you aren't barmy for buttons and would be too tempted by a cake pop wedding bouquet or you would just really like to have a floral bouquet this exquisite bridal brooch bouquet is the one for you! Made entirely from brooches; this stunningly unique bouquet could be your something old, new, borrowed and blue all in one neat bouquet! Not only that, it will also last a lifetime!

Image from Kate Arends
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Christmas inspired Wedding Bouquet

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Christmas is over and the shop shelves are littered with mismatched Christmas bubbles. You've already stored yours safely away for next year but the 'buy one, get three free' offer is too good to pass up.... but what could you do with all those extra bubbles?

Why not make a wedding bouquet?

Image from Lafete
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Happy New Year!

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Yes I know, I've been abysmal with the posts in December! Can I blame sickness and an insane work load and get away with it? Please say  I can? I promise to do better with January! Although it seems that despite my serious lack of December posts over 3000 of you came and read my previous posts and some of you where so kind as to leave me little comments; thank you.

I hope you had a lovely festive season?! I enjoyed a wonderful white Christmas at my family home and even fitted in a family wedding or two! Santa was very good with loads of lovely blue swarovski boxes and although those lovely Manolo's he promised me got snowed in, I'm assured they will arrive shortly!

Just wanted to wish all my past, present and future readers every luck and happiness for 2011!
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