Friday, October 22, 2010

What a Groom's Cake!!

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I was first introduced to the tradition of a Groom's Cake by a [truly gorgeous] American couple, who I had the pleasure of planning their [destination] Cork wedding a few years ago.

The Groom's cake, generally a gift from the bride to the groom, is a second cake, used during the wedding reception and most commonly found at weddings in the Deep South and Eastern States of the US, although it has, for a number of years, begin gathering momentum, pretty much everywhere!

It's origin is unclear but has, over the years, become to symbolise [possibly] the only masculine element of a wedding day. While the Groom's Cake is not the main cake of focus, and often smaller and less decorated over the years groom's wishing to inject their on sense of style and personality into their wedding day have used 'their' cake to do so.

Since first being 'introduced' to the groom's cake I've seen many styles and types, but I have to say, I think, by a mile, that this Lord of the Rings Groom's Cake, takes the biscuit! This complete scene with wizards, hobbits and Tree-beard is almost too good to eat, forget the groom's cake I want it! [And I'm not even a big Lord of the Rings fan!]

Images from Carries Cakes
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Easy Retro Wedding Make Up

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Yes, I'm on a big 'how to' buzz this week. Ironic really cause I am a total advocate for professionals! But even I appreciate sometimes you either have to or want to do it yourself!

When I found this vlog I had to share; I'm having a Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller Fancy Dress for Halloween and in the midst of preparing the house, cooking and cleaning for the party I really wont have the time to head out and get my hair and make up done; so I've cheated slightly. For my hair, I'm bought a wig... I know... shameful, but don't worry I will do a little bit of styling to it, so really its not that bad! For my make up, well that will be a total DIY job by moi... made a hell of alot easier by these two fab vlogs!

These do exactly what they say I the tin ' Easy Retro Wedding Make Up ' - simple, easy steps to follow with a great look at the end and while I am going to use them to re-create Marilyn Monroe any bride to be out there looking for retro make up ideas for her wedding day, look no further!

Check them up for yourself [its a two-parter]

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to ice a wedding cake.

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I've been bold and while I have been replying to the questions that you email me I haven't been posting many of those replies! One I get asked often is how do you ice a wedding cake.

First Ill say, as much as I love eating cake, I'm not a cake[making] specialist, [or icing specialist] for that matter. If you or a relative has been kind enough to bake you a cake for your wedding some bakers will actually ice it for you. Depending on the size this can cost between €80 - €150 [and of course more] and this would be an option I would recommend first as there is nothing worse than a badly iced cake.

For those who are supper brave and as well as baking the cake are also going to ice it this is short video on how to easily ice a round tiered wedding cake.

Best of luck! [oh and send me pics of your work!]

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How not to dress your Bridal Party

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My first thought this morning was chocolate; chocolate bridesmaid's dresses, something I don't think I have ever featured. I log on the the laptop and do a quick Google image search for some inspiration and I find... well, see for yourself.

I, well... I am speechless...

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Monday, October 18, 2010

How to make your own Cascading Bridal Bouquet

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There is no denying that DIYing your wedding has always been a trend, lately it seems to be an even bigger trend and while I am an advocate of having professionals do there thing, after all, they are professional, I do understand that for a whole host of reasons its not always practical or possible for you to hire a professional for every aspect.

Even though I am on record as saying you should always hire a professional photographer, florist and baker for your wedding [at the very least] I have come across some simple and effect 'how to's' on flowers that I have to share.

For a gorgeous and realistic [fake] floral cascading bridal bouquet this video is quick and easy to understand and should give confidence to the most 'un'-green thumbed brides out there!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Chandelier; an extreme wedding diy project.

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How brave a DIY bride do you think you are?

The thoughts of designing and making your own wedding stationary probably isn't phasing you. You might even be considering making and icing your own wedding cake. You've taken a look at a couple of patterns thinking; how hard can it be to make a wedding dress? You consider yourself handy, you haven't even broken a sweat at the prospect of a bridal bouquet, 3 for the bridesmaids, 7 buttonholes, 24 pew ends, 5 alter arrangements and 16 table centrepieces... but how to do you feel about the ultimate wedding DIY project; The Chandelier!

Be warned this DIY wedding project is not for the faint hearted. Reportedly it has taken some brides to be 3 [dedicated] weeks to make just one of this amazing creations. This is the ultimate in wedding dedication, but if you managed to pull it off, especially several of them, the effect would be amazing!

For the brave bride a full tutorial on how to make them can be found here on Craft Stylish . Kudos to the paper Chandeliers creator Jeffery Rudell who made the above masterpiece for Tiffany & Co's holiday window last year!
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Chandeliers; Hot, HOT, right now.

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There is no denying that chandeliers at your wedding is a key trend right now. It definitely helps if you've chosen a period venue, already decorated with an abundance of the hanging sparkly delights, but the trend is really to have your chandeliers where one wouldn't expect them, like hanging outside, or up the aisle.

The key trend about chandeliers at your wedding is all about the unexpected!

Loving the chandelier look but not sure it's something you could afford to do? Fancy a bit of DIY? If diy chandeliers are good enough for Tiffany & Co's holiday windows I think they are good enough for your wedding!

Check back later today for details and pics on how to make this gorgeous DIY Chandelier for your wedding!

Images from Landlocked Bride, Koyal Wholesalers, Canadian Wedding Blog, WeddingBee
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