Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Best Wedding Dates for 2011

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With busy schedules, huge sporting events and social and academic commitments choosing a suitable, let alone the perfect, wedding date can be a mine field for some couples.

But what if you heaped even more pressure on that special date?

  • A guarantee of beautifully lit photos
  • To have a day to truly remember
  • And the promise of ending up on the social pages...
Apparently the right date and 'star' combination can give you all this and more!

In a recent article on theknot.com astrologer Jessica Adams predicts a list of 'special' wedding dates based on your star sign, each promising different divine outcomes for your wedding day.

Whether the 'stars' are important to you on your big day or not is one thing but do remember that choosing the right day for you and your hubby to be is important.

Top Tips

  1. Consider the seasons and what vision you have in mind for your wedding day.
  2. May - October is considered the wedding 'high' seasons and books up quickly and can be slightly more expensive.
  3. Midweek weddings can available of many supplier deals and discounts.
  4. Fewer guests may attend if there is a big sporting/ political/ religious event on the same day.
  5. Where you want to go on honeymoon might impact your day too - remember to check up hurricane/ tornado/ flash flood seasons or the like in you chosen destination!


My prediction for the most popular [not necessarily the best] wedding date is November 11th 2011...if this is the date you have in mind, get booking quickly as this is the second last of 2 remaining perfect symmetry dates for some time!
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How all Wedding Videos should be!!

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When @stylemepretty tweeted this video this morning I just knew it would make the perfect first blog.

Angel & Xiaopeng's Rock 'n Roll Same Day Edit from Pelican Hill from Elysium Productions on Vimeo.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming Soon

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Exciting new wedding blog posts coming very soon!

Drop me a comment if there is a specific topic[s] you would love to read about!
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